How to edit a product?

In order to edit your product in terms of price or adding new images

Simply follow these steps:-

  • Click the View Shop tab on your shop page.
    Each image will feature an editor “Pencil” Icon on the right bottom of your app.

  • Long Press this icon to get to the Edit product view.
  • Now add photos from your camera, gallery or social media platforms. (Helps in getting multiple images from different angles for each product.

  • You can make changes to your product ,For Example :- you can change title, price, category & Description.

  • Once changes are done, Click  save.
  • Your products will now be checked by shopo team.
  • Once its done .(this will take 2-3 hours approximately).
  • Your products will be live with the new changes you have made.

 It’s that easy.

 Note: - Before making changes to your product, we recommend clicking the Tips tab on the top right of this page to get useful suggestions about uploading attractive products.

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