Community Guidelines of Shopo

Shopo is a zero fee platform where anyone can chat to sell & buy. Shopo makes selling and buying super easy and fun! Anyone can sell on shopo! For sellers, Shopo provides another sales channel and a platform to reach out to new customers looking to uncover a world of unique products. Please be respectful of the Shopo community. Here are some basic community guidelines,

  1. Do not post inappropriate images or products: We have a strict zero tolerance policy against users who post mature content or visually disturbing images, and attempt to list them on Shopo. You will be taken off the platform completely.
  2. No use of profanity, be respectful of one another: Swearing or inciting hatred towards others is prohibited.
  3. No selfies.
  4. No, you can’t list and sell yourself.
  5. No spamming! Ever!
  6. Have fun, but not on the expense of others!
  7. We encourage you to use the platform to connect with a lot of new sellers and buyers, buy and sell from the people around you in a positive manner. Who knows, you might gain a friend or two in the process :)


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