Already have an online store?

1. Image format:

If you have an online store, we hope you have the images and the respective details of the products. You can use to upload those images and fill the details (Name, Price, Description etc) under your account, after installing the app.

To know how, visit this section.

This is a complimentary process to adding products directly through app, using SELL button.

2. Excel format

It is more simple for an online store to maintain excel format. If you have basic information viz. Product name, Price, Description, Image URL in an excel sheet you can conveniently share it on . Attached is the reference excel for you to fill details.

If you are using any of the online shopping carts like Zepo, Kartrocket, Shopify, Magento, Opencart to power your online store, all you need to do is go to your respective cart dashboard and click on Export/Download CSV. Share the same on and we will up your shop.

You can modify any product at later point of time, under your account using the app.

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