I don't have an online store

1. Image format

Firstly, we recommend you to have photographs of each product which you are selling. Now use myshop.shopo.in to upload those images and fill the basic details (Name, Price, Description etc) under your account, after installing the app.

To know how, visit this section.

You can add products through app anytime, by clicking on SELL button. Also, you can modify any uploaded product under your account, using the app.

2. Excel format

If you have images but don’t want to use the above process, you can fill the product details in the excel sheet from the below link. Along with the excel sheet, share images in a zip folder with us on support@shopo.in . Make sure that the image names you mention in the excel sheet are exactly as same as image names in the zip folder.

Attached is the reference excel for you to fill details.

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