How to use

First get your images ready and the details of them handy. All we ask is for the Product Name, Price, MRP(optional), Description.

Now open on your browser (preferably desktop). Put in the Mobile number you used to register on Shopo app. You will receive an OTP using which you can login. It is mandatory to have the app pre-installed to use Myshop dashboard.

Myshop dashboard takes 1 image in one go but provides you convenience to put up product details easily.

Step 1 

Select the Category & Sub Category for the products you are about to upload.

Step 2

Select the condition of the product (New/Almost New/Used)

Step 3

Select and drop the product image

Step 4

Fill in the details of the product viz. Product name, Price, MRP, Description

Step 5

Accept that the products are not counterfeit or spurious by checking the box. Click on Create Listings

Step 6

Your listings are now under review. After we validate, they will be live on the app. We will notify to check your account on the app within an hour.

Repeat it for every product

PS: MyShop dashboard doesn't support multiple images for same product. If you have such products, add the remaining images using the app. To know how, visit this section.

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