How to get more chats

On Shopo, you chat with the buyer and sell your product. We know you can handle a chat, once it comes. But how will chats come to you? It is you who can make it happen by following simple tips below:


  • Put up all those awesome products you have with a catchy image and get your Shop ready
  • Shopo has collections running right on its homepage. Home page is the first page on the app and needless to say it attracts more buyers and there by more chats. Want to get featured? Check it out.
  • Your shop is now yours. Do wonders with it. How?
    • Just start sharing your profile across all your buyer communities on facebook, create a group of buyers on whatsapp and share your profile, go to twitter and tweet about your shop. Make the social media talk about your shop.
    • Same way, share your product that you feel is fabulous. Let others too feel it and buy it.
    • A 1000 rupee wallet is available at 750 rupees for next 24 hours! Woah, he will buy it with no second thought. Run discounts whenever you want. Observe the right price for your product, run it at a discount you can afford for a particular time. Check out Time Bound Offer to do it.
    • After all, we are here to help you! Add TimeBoundOffer and your products can come on to Homepage directly.Now thats something, isn't it?
  • When you get a chat, don't forget to attend it. Sellers responsiveness score gets a negative hit, if you don't respond. Buyers choose only responsive sellers, obviously.
  • Have a good description to every product.Its impulse driven buying dear, so do your best to describe the product and convince buyer before he even pings you.
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    Sagar Chauhan

    Is any help line no. Or email id that help us to connect with you easily. Please give us

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    norin dedhia

    Whatsap 8689960150 Norin Dedhia

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    Our whatsapp no is 9871090596

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    I want to buy EBACUSS?

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