Completing orders on Shopo

How to complete my transaction on Shopo?

Do not ask your buyers to come to Whatsapp or purchase from your website. You may be losing lot of transactions as buyers may not be comfortable sharing personal information like WhatsApp phone number or may not be willing to take the hassle of finding the same product again on your website.

To facilitate all these, Shopo is now available with Online Payment option. Here are 3 simple steps to activate it.

Other benefits of completing transaction on Shopo:

  • Fulfilling orders allow you to ask buyers for ratings. More orders and better rating make your products come up higher in listings. 
  • Getting orders will make you come as a recommended seller for the buyer to follow. Buyers will the get updates from you about your new products in their feed. 
  • Use the complete chat history, with transaction cards, as a proof in case of a dispute.


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