How to get a responsive badge

Responsive badge

The responsiveness badge indicates to the buyer how quickly and consistently you reply to your chat messages. If you possess a responsive badge it will be visible to all users on Shopo.

Responsive sellers are known to have 3X more conversions . Products from responsive sellers are also given more prominence in search results and product listings.

To get the badge you must have achieved both of the following over the last 30 days:

  • Response rate of 90%
  • Average response time of 1 hr

Response rate

Your response rate is an indication of what fraction of incoming messages you respond to. More accurately, it is the percentage of new messages that you respond to on the day they were received.

For example: 86% response rate means that for every 100 incoming messages, you responded to 86 messages on the same day.


Average response time

Your average response time shows the average time taken by you to respond to an incoming chat message.

For example: 13 hrs response time means that you took 13 hours to respond to incoming messages on an average.


Please Note: Only your first response to an incoming chat is considered in calculating your Response Rate and Average Response Time. You have to continuously try to reply promptly in order to maintain your responsive score.



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