Confirming and Closing Orders

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We give you complete control in deciding whether to close the orders you get or not. Quick steps below to help you do it smoothly, starting with receiving Order Card from buyer.

  • You are now left with two options. Either to Confirm Order or Cancel Order.
  • For complete info about that order click on the buy card to go to details screen. It looks similar to the screen below.

  • Review each detail of the order in terms of Delivery Mode, Payment Mode buyer has selected for this order.
  • Once you are comfortable with price, quantity, payment & delivery modes, go ahead and click on Confirm Order
  • Remember that CONFIRM ORDER doesn't mean you need to ship it right away. It just gives assurance to the buyer that you accepted the order.
  • Once you Confirm the order, you will get an option to Enter your Shipping Details. Fill it whenever you are delivering.

  • A screen pops up for you to select our courier partner from the dropdown or if you are using a different delivery service, to select Self Service.
  • Enter the AWB number which goes to your buyer, for tracking.

  • You can do all these actions right on the buy card itself, but we recommend you to check order details always before confirming.
  • That's it. Your buyer is now informed about the order shipping status along with AWB number.
  • He can track the order status anytime and shall confirm once he receives the product.Meanwhile, you will see below screen that awaits delivery confirmation from buyer

Once buyer confirms product receipt, rate your buyer based on your transaction experience with him/her.

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