Tips to upload acceptable and attractive products

Making your product attractive is in your hands:

Before you start adding your product to your shop on Shopo, we recommend you to quickly look at our tips below. They will not only help you in getting your products approved but also helps your products to stand out by attracting the buyers

General :

  • Avoid 1stcopy/replica products which aren't entertained on the platform
  • Avoid all the banned products
  • Avoid uploading random clicks, mobile screenshots from other platforms
  • Avoid uploading shop photos rather have a focused product image with good background

For Images:

  • Make sure there is sufficient light falling on the product
  • Click a picture that isn't shaky, blurred or covering other products in it
  • Avoid multiple products in single image. If you have two colors in the same product, add them as second image after you add first image
  • Add any enhancing element to your product while clicking the picture
    • Ex- Beautiful flowers with earrings, kolhapuri chappals, pebbles with handmade boxes etc
  • Try using a solid background to avoid any disturbances in the background

For Title:

  • It carries a 10-140 character limit.Make use of it wisely and mention your product name clearly.
  • We recommend mentioning <Style/Trend>+<Material>+<Finish/Art Work/Design>+<Colour>+<Gender>+<Product Type>+<Combo/Qty>
  • Pick atleast 3 relevant attributes for your product from above and add it to them. Ex - Waterproof Big Size High Quality Backpack In Black Color, Black Wooden Handicrafts Wall Hanging Om Circle Key Holder
  • Avoid random characters in the title and make it readable.
  • If you have reference SKU codes, consider attaching them in the Title for ease of access


  • Avoid pricing your product at Rs 0. Come on! We know you want money too like everyone.
  • Avoid over pricing your product beyond skylines. A cotton kurti at 1 lac rupees? Not happening!
  • Make use of MRP field along with Selling price field to showcase the discount you are giving 


Description is what your buyer looks for, once he likes your product image.Detail about your product in terms of:

  • Product size/dimensions
  • Variants (Color)
  • Usage/Occasion
  • Warranty details, if any

Less confused buyer is more likely to buy your product immediately.

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