How to connect to Freecharge and accept payments?

Shopo brought in easier way of accepting online payments from your buyer, using Freecharge. Below are the easy steps of connecting to Freecharge right from Shopo app.

  • On the updated Shopo app (v 1.11.1), go to Menu which is on the right top of your main screen
  • Once you are there, select Manage Shop
  • Select Payment Settings and you shall notice Freecharge option in the screen
  • Click on Connect and you shall be taken to Freecharge login screen

  • Click on Sign in if you already have a Freecharge account
  • If your existing Freecharge account is with the same mobile number used on Shopo, click for OTP and move forward
  • If your existing Freecharge account with a different number and want to connect it, choose Select Different Number and input the number

  • If you don't have Freecharge account so far, click on Register and create your Freecharge account
  • Once you Create/SignIn your Freecharge account, you will be taken to Terms & Conditions page which we recommend you to read through
  • The next and important step is to upgrade to FC+ account, if not already. This step is very crucial for you to accept money as a merchant
  • For FC+ account, below is the quick information you need to provide
    • Business Name
    • Your Name
    • Paytag (click here to know more)
    • Business type
  • Click on submit and your FC+ account is created and ready to accept payments through Shopo

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