Why should I enable FreeCharge Payments?

On Shopo, the payment and delivery modes are open for your choice. As we know not every seller would be comfortable with having COD as the only option for payments, we brought in an easier way to accept payments before you ship the order, through Freecharge wallet

Below are the main advantages when you sign up for Freecharge wallet:

  • 0 commission on transactions just like Shopo
  • Accept payments easily from millions of Freecharge wallet users
  • Easy to withdraw
  • Easy order cancellation and refunds without hassle of bank transfers
  • Safe, fraudulent free transactions
  • Get better discovery in Shopo search
  • Buyer protection for transactions via FreeCharge gives more trust to buyers and more orders to you. Know more about Buyer Protection here.

Connect your Freecharge account now and be among those sellers who support easy payments for their buyers.

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