When do I receive money for orders which my buyer paid using FreeCharge?



Once you activate Freecharge on Shopo, any buyer can choose to pay you using Freecharge. As soon as the buyer pays for certain product using Freecharge, below is the flow that's followed for payment remittance:

  • Shopo holds the payment paid by the buyer for the respective order
  • You shall get the notification that you received a new order and can check that payment is done through Freecharge by going into Order details. 
  • Confirm the Order if you are okay to accept it. This is to inform buyer that you accepted the offer and doesn't mean you should ship immediately.
  • Get your order ready for delivery, ship it with the preferable courier partner.Don't forget to click on Ship Now on the app and put the tracking number so that buyer can track.
  • Payment will be remitted to seller's Freecharge Wallet only after 48 hours of delivery according to the courier tracking id you gave. Check the example below for details:

Example -

    • Lets assume you got the order on 1st Aug'16
    • Payment done by buyer through Freecharge on Shopo is held in escrow
    • You shipped the order on 3rd Aug'16 and provided the right tracking number & courier partner name on Shopo app the same day
    • Shopo now uses the tracking number and checks the order status
    • If the delivery is done on 5th Aug'16 by your courier partner according to the tracking number given,you will receive payments into your Freecharge wallet on 8th Aug'16 (which is after 48 hours of order delivery)
    • For payment remittance, Shopo doesn't consider buyer marking "I Got the Product" rather it only looks at the tracking number you provided. Ensure you give a valid tracking number.
    • Push your buyer to click on "I Got the Product" to get him to rate and review you.

Cases when we refund money back to the buyer:

  • If you Cancel the Order because you are not ready with the product, Shopo refunds money to the buyer back to his Freecharge wallet/account.
  • If buyer Cancels the Order before your Confirm the Order, the payment will be remitted.
  • If you fail to Confirm the Order within 2 days of order receipt, Shopo cancels that order and refunds money to the buyer back, to his Freecharge wallet/account.
  • If you fail to ship the order or click on Ship Now and give the right tracking details with in the timeline you committed in Shipping Handling Time
  • If the buyer doesn't receive product according to the tracking id you provided.
  • If the buyer raises a concern about product quality well with in 48 hours of delivery, payment remittance will be held and the case shall be investigated.


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