How to manage Notifications?

Shopo can now prompt you during various successful actions done to your shop. This is to keep you updated about which kind of activities are being done on your products/shop by buyers or by Shopo. Being aware and acting to it is the key to success on Shopo.

You can switch on/off notifications for all such actions and be only informed about actions of your choice.

Below are all such actions:

  • When someone on Shopo follows you - will be useful to follow that user back and keep him updated about all your Shop updates
  • When Shopo adds your products to collection - will be useful to know that more visibility to your products is created and hence more chats, orders. Be active in replying to chats, close orders else your products might lose a chance to stay in collections.
  • When someone Likes your Story - will be useful to know the performance of your story and to ping back the users who liked your story to purchase products listed there.
  • When someone Comments on your Story - will be useful to address the comments by relevant buyers, ping them back if needed, share new products and get orders easily.
  • About stuff you may like - will be useful to catch up with new things happening on Shopo right from new collections to new features and help yourself to work towards making best use of them.

To Switch them ON/OFF, click on Menu on the top of your main screen and select Notifications there.

You can then see all the above actions with a Toggle button. Switch them ON/OFF as you wish.


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