How to write a Good Description for my product?

Adding description is one of those stepping stones to do successful sales online.

Remember, your description should help get the buyer the best “feel” for your product in a virtual space.Take that utmost care to detail about your listed product like you do when the buyer directly visits your shop.

  • What all you need to cover in description?
    1. Write about the material used, special feature of the product
    2. Write about measurements, specifications of the product
    3. Write about the occasion where the product suits well
    4. Write about the variants you have in the product, if any
    5. Write about the major use of the product if its unique of its kind


Your description can be as simple and clear as the above example.

  • To get a better idea of a good product brief, let’s compare two descriptions, both for camera bags.
    1. “Sophisticated charming great-quality leather camera bag in brown” and
    2. “Brown leather handmade camera bag. Material: Genuine leather. Vintage look. Padded pockets inside for camera safety. Length adjustable shoulder strap. Quality buckles and chains. Unisex item. Size: Fit for most standard digital and manual cameras. Color: Available in Chocolate Brown and Honey Brown. Shipping: Free across India.”

Which would attract a serious buyer? The second description, right?

  • Note that the use of the generic adjectives “sophisticated” and “charming” in the first description gives the viewer no idea about the product itself. So using flowery language is not useful, unless backed by specific detailed information, such as “Padded pockets inside for camera safety,” and “Length adjustable shoulder strap.” 
  • You can add a description for existing products by clicking on Edit product icon.


Read the Tips section here carefully for useful suggestions. To learn more about adding a product, click here.

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