How to edit products in bulk?

Make use of our desktop dashboard to start editing products in bulk. This involves three simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Download your product excel
  2. Make necessary changes and actions
  3. Upload the edited excel back

Below are the details on how to do it using

Download your product excel

  • Download the excel file in this section using Download Excel button below
  • Open the downloaded file. This should contain the following columns:
    • Product ID
    • Product Name
    • Selling Price
    • MRP
    • Description
    • Sold Out
    • Action
  • All the products in the file are your current active products on Shopo

Make necessary changes and actions

To make changes to Product name, Description, Price:

  • Make the changes you have to your product name,description,price
  • Against the product you made changes to, mark as Update inAction column


To mark as Sold out

  • Under Sold Out column of relevant product, mark it as YES (by default its NO)
  • Mark the Action column of that product as Update too


To Delete a product

  • Mark the Action column of that product as Delete


Save the file, once you make all the changes and update the Action column.

Go to Upload Excel tab (Next Tab) for uploading the changed file

Note :

  • 1.  Products not bearing Update, Delete tag won't get updated.
  • 2.  We support 25000 products per file.
  • 3.  If you have more than 25000 products, you will be prompted to download more such files.

Uploading edited excel back

Make sure you followed below points, before uploading the file:

  • Did not change the header of the excel
  • Did not add any new products
  • Edited Prices, Name, Description, Sold out status wherever needed
  • Marked as Update in Action column, for products you want us to update
  • Marked as Delete in Action column, for products you want us to delete


  • Click on Upload Excel button and select the file you made changes to.
  • Check your profile on the app, in a while, to notice the changes you did have gone Live.
  • If Name or Description are changed, the update will go through review.
  • To add any new products under your account, visit Albums section in the left panel.

Any issues? Shoot a mail on and we will get back to you real quick.

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