I accidentally confirmed my order. What do I do now?

In case you need to cancel your order there are two cases :-

Case 1:-

Prepaid order (paid through freecharge) Just:-

  • Inform both shopo & buyer about the cancellation.
  • Reach out to us on support@shopo.in.
  • Inform buyer via chat about cancellation & its reasons.
  • In case you do not inform buyer, its stays in confirmed state & can’t be shipped, which results in a bad fulfillment rate?
  • Hence, it’s very important to take necessary action on your orders.
  • In case your shipping rate is low & confirmation rate is high, Shopo penalizes the seller.
  • So just avoid frequent cancellations.

Case 2:- Cash on delivery 

  • Just inform the buyer through chat on time with specified reason because in case you don’t, you loose your buyer.

 For Example: - In case order got cancelled because of size you can always chat with your buyer again & inform the same but only if you maintain rapport with your buyer with timely updates.







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