How to withdraw money from Freecharge?

Firstly, money that is in your Freecharge wallet can only be withdrawn using Freecharge. You can not do it from Shopo.

Once buyer pays through Freecharge for the product he bought from you on Shopo, the money will be transferred to your Freecharge account post the delivery is confirmed by the buyer. (This timeline depends on how fast you can ship the product and how fast you prompt the buyer to confirm delivery after he receives product)

After you receive money into your Freecharge wallet, check for the limits below in terms of timeline and amount that can be withdrawn.

  • You can only withdraw money which is in Freecharge wallet for 7 days or more
  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn in a single transaction is Rs 100 and maximum is Rs 5000
  • Overall monthly withdrawal limit is Rs 25,000

For more details on limits, you can visit Freecharge help page 

Below are the quick steps to transfer money from Freecharge wallet to your bank account:

  • Login to your Freecharge wallet
  • Click on Add Money section

  • Select WITHDRAW from that screen

  • Enter your bank details and click submit
  • The money will instantly reflect in your bank account
  • This is applicable only within the limits mentioned above


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