What is Shopo Guarantee in orders paid using FreeCharge?

What is 'Shopo Guarantee'

  • The money is withheld until the product is delivered by the seller and buyer confirms receipt of the order
  • Applicable on selected products showing 'Shopo Guarantee' message
  • Applicable only for online paid orders using Freecharge with order amount not exceeding Rs 2000

Shopo Guarantee Period

  • It is applicable for Shipping handling time committed by the seller + expected delivery time (~2 weeks) + 2 days
  • Buyers need to confirm the product arrival by marking "I Got The Product" within Shopo Guarantee period or raise the dispute about undelivered product over email at support@shopo.in. Please note Shopo Guarantee period cannot exceed 30 working days from order placement date
  • We will notify you once product is delivered according to the courier company. In case the product is not delivered to you, please raise the dispute in 2 days from receiving our notification.

What is not covered?

  • Product delivered but not happy with quality/product
  • Product not delivered because of buyer fault (delivery refused by buyer, buyer address wrong, buyer not present in the address etc.)
  • Cancellation request after product shipped
  • Product without the Shopo Guarantee' seal


Do’s and Don’ts For Buyers      

  • Buyers should chat with the seller and clarify all queries related to product and delivery
  • Buyers should take a look at the shop policies to understand how the shop processes payment & delivery. Buyer’s dispute will not be accepted if they claim to have not seen shop policies or handling time




  • Buyer should keep all communication with seller on Shopo chat itself
  • Any dispute requests will not be entertained post expiry of Shopo Guarantee period and payment will be transferred to the seller

Dispute Resolution

  • How can I raise the dispute?
    • Buyers can mail Shopo support at support@shopo.in and raise the dispute about non-receipt of order

   How will Shopo resolve the dispute?

    • Shopo will coordinate with seller and give 3 days to seller to either accept or reject the claim.
    • If seller accepts the claim, payment to be released to the customer with no questions asked
    • If seller rejects the claim, seller needs to submit valid proofs
    • Shopo will then verify the proofs submitted by seller and accordingly take action within 5 working days of dispute raised date.


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