What benefit shall posts give to my shop?

Creating posts is one of the powerful features on Shopo to engage with your followers on a daily basis. Our research shows that shops creating 2 posts daily have noticed growth in their sales.

Recently we found out that some of the best shops who added posts around themes like "Monsoon sale flat 20% off", "Buy anything above 399 and get assured gift", "Free Shipping all India", "Best Selling at reduced rates", etc. were able to see rise in their followers' base and sales. Shopo further boosted these posts by liking it from official handles (with 1lakh+ followers’ count) and sending notification to buyers. Here are some of the best posts created by these shops.

Free gift to one lucky customer


Every buyer gets assured gift



Cash back on next purchase



So why wait? Create one of these with hashtag #Shopooffer! We will be happy to promote!

Need more assistance in creating posts? Here is the link: http://support.shopo.in/hc/en-us/articles/207907325-Welcome-to-the-Art-of-Storytelling

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