What is Shopo Feed?

Shopo feed is an interesting, bustling hive of information!

How it Works?

  • Every user can get updates from the shops they follow as well as suggested shops based on their interests.
  • Its a place to keep your followers informed about all your updates and expect queries and chats.
  • Every-time a seller adds a new product or post,the update goes to the shopo feed.



  • You can attract more followers by posting often: be it new products, announcements, or even other attention-grabbing updates, such as “Boots are back in fashion. Check out the trendy combat boots and high heeled lace-ups on my shop!”  
  •  More the followers , more is the visibility of your shop & Hence  more is your sales .
  • Sellers who have a greater follower base can make 3x of the sales they did without that base.

Acts like a seller hub

  • Great place to engage other sellers and prospective buyers and strike as many conversations as you can

Note :- 

  • Make sure you reach out to those who comment on your post to build your network.



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