How to Increase my followers on shopo?

Shopo feed is the major driver for your sales and brand growth. The strength of it is dependent on number of followers you have. Users whoever follow you can see all the activities from your shop like:

  • Newly added products
  • Newly created posts
  • Recent posts you liked/commented

Doing all these activities regularly leaves a brand impression in your buyer's mind, which has obvious advantages. But what does it take to increase your follower base? We have few tips for you which can help:

  • Using Shopo Chat- Many buyers might have reached out to you through Shopo chat. Reach back to them and ask them to follow you.


  • Following user from your side - Best way to prompt is by following them, which notifies them. Impulsive followers can grow this way.


  • Sharing shop outside Shopo- Sharing your shop onto social media where there are many shopping enthusiasts, can fetch you followers and buyers alongside.


  • Sharing posts on social media- Creating engaging posts on Shopo and simultaneously sharing them onto social media attracts relevant buyers, who would like to follow you for such interesting updates.


  • Becoming a Suggested Shop- If sellers are putting in efforts, Shopo is ready to recommend them to many other buyers in its Suggested Shops section. This can increase the shop's visibility and follower base. Interested to become one? Start taking care of your shop doing below actions :
    • Complete all shop elements. Check this to know what they are
    • Add new products regularly
    • Confirm orders immediately, as you receive them
    • Respond to chats promptly within 5 minutes
    • Create posts regularly
    • Support online payments through Freecharge and COD


  • Don't miss on any like you get- Check if every user liking/commenting on your posts and products is already following you. If not, follow them which notifies them to follow you.



Start taking above actions from now, which can certainly result in increased follower base.






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