How to add a post ?

Adding a post on shopo can be very easy

Simply Follow these steps :-

Step: - 1 Getting started

Click on the + button floating on the bottom right of your screen in the home page view. This will give you two options: Add a Post and Add a Product.Choose add a post.

Step 2 :- Click on add post, Once you click their , you will see " what is post"?

  • We suggest clicking on the What is a post tab on the bottom left of your page before composing your post for useful tips on effective storytelling.
  • Now Click on add post simply write about a new product or collection you have recently launched.

Make Sure 

  • .The text should be informative, specific and attractive to the buyer

 For Example :-

 Instead of writing “Here are some wonderful new products I added on Shopo,” say something like “Blue pottery never goes out of style. Check out our collection of timeless must-have artefacts on Shopo.” 

Step 3 :Adding photos

  • Tap on Add Photo to upload a cover image, which could be a collage of your latest products, a banner for a weekend sale or festive discount.
  • You can also click on add products to upload relevant products from your shop,
  • Although this is optional, we highly recommend it because it helps paint a more cohesive, rich picture of your brand for the buyer.

Step 4:-

  • Click on post & it will directly go to your shop feed section.
  • All your followers on shopo can now see & comment on your feed.

  • Make sure you reach out to those who comment on your post to build your network.



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