My products got featured in one of the Shopo Collections. What should I do now?

Congratulations ! Now that your products got featured in one of the Shopo Collections

All you have to do is reap its benefits to the best because :-

  • Your Product will be  visible to more no. of buyers
  • You can expect an increase in chat traffic
  • Your follower base will increase
  • Your number of orders will increase 

Things to do once your product is featured :-

1. Confirm orders timely

Its important to confirm your order with in 24 hours because if you fail to do so your confirmation rate gets effected.

2. Maintaining Responsive score 

Make sure whenever you get a chat you respond with in 5 minutes else your response score gets effected.

& if that drops your Products will be immediately removed from the featured collection

lets avoid that 

3.  Share Products 

Since your product will be visible to more number of buyers its important to share your shop as much as you  can as through mobile web , link will be automatically opened in buyers chat box & he can place the order immediately.

4. Process orders timely

Now that your shop is featured , you can expect an increase in number of orders so lets make sure to process the order timely

Steps to Process

  • Go to Orders Received
  • Confirm order
  • Click on ship now
  • Enter Tracking Number / courier  partner
  • Once your order is delivered to buyer 
  • Prompt your buyer to mark the order as delivered

& Ask him to Review your product & rate you as it will effect your overall rating on shopo

Lets follow above thumb rules to make use of getting featured fully.

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