How to get orders?

On Shopo, right from creating your shop to shipping your orders is completely under your control.We provide tools which are easy for you to use and take your shop to success. Below are the tools and tips for you to use to get orders:

Promote your shop 

Let the world know what your shop has. Don't underestimate the power of extensive marketing, which is nothing but letting people know about your shop/brand. You might already have a buyer base built on your facebook/instagram pages, twitter handles.Share your shop link on those pages and notice the increased inflow of orders.

Shopo Mobile Web enables any buyer (whether he has Shopo app or not) to buy from your shop, provided that they find the link.So, go ahead and share your shop/product link with as many as you can.



Don't have a social media page for your shop? We recommend to create one. Alongside, you can share your shop link among your contacts on WhatsApp. Create a WhatsApp group of your buyers/prospects and start sharing your shop link, product links there.

Create a post and share it

One of the powerful features of Shopo for the seller is to create a post using his own products. Everyone loves to read a 2-3 liner with products being seen in it. Create one with the best products of yours and share it across all your buyer groups you shared your shop with. Keep them engaged.


Get picked to be featured on our homepage

We would like to encourage sellers who are ready to put in efforts.Showcase that you can put efforts enough to care about your shop by uploading good products, maintaining responsiveness to chats, completing your shop elements viz. profile picture, cover pic, shop description, shop policies.

Maintain all these things so that we can identify you and feature you/your products on homepage. Homepage attracts more buyers and gives you incremental orders

Connect your Freecharge, support COD

You never know which kind of buyer you get. Give them options to choose from and pay for your product. Connect your Freecharge account with Shopo to enable online payments, support COD if you can which encourages buyers to place orders 


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