Initial Steps After You Add The First Product

Things to do :-

  • Complete your shop profile (add profile photo , cover photo , shop details etc)
  • Mention your shop policies
  • Mention about your shop
  • Promote your shop
  • Share your products
  • Create regular posts
  • Add good range of products to create an attractive online store .

Complete your shop profile 

How :-

  • Go to Manage shop
  • Click Edit shop

Now :-

  • Add an attractive cover photo and profile photo.
  • Add Username - It should be closely linked to your brand)
  • Write About your shop -Mention about the products you deal into, about your brand , the more you describe about your shop the more you will attract buyers hence More orders).

Have an active and authentic shop 


  • Be active on shopo feed by Regularly adding products, posts etc.
  • Share your products /shop on all social media platforms such as facebook/instagram etc.


It is linked with following best practices on shopo


  • Make sure the inventory is updated for all products you have displayed.
  • Confirm your order the moment you receive it, Confirming doesn't mean you have to ship on that day only ,Also Buyer gets an SMS that you have confirmed the order & it builds trust with your buyer.
  • Mention handling time in your shop policy & always adhere to the timeline you have mentioned.
  • Connect your shop with free charge because  freecharge payments support buyer guarantee program & it helps in building trust with your buyer.
  • Add Payment & delivery settings , It helps in  maintaining transparency with your buyer.

Go to Manage shop - Add Payment & Delivery settings

Adding payment Settings


Adding delivery settings



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