Are Your Products Meeting Our Guidelines? Check Here

Shopo does a manual check of your listings before exposing them to buyers and reject the ones that doesn’t match with our guidelines.

Rejection reasons:-

  • Price is unusual or high
  • Price cannot be 0
  • Replica / 1st copy Product.
  • Title with weird characters
  • Description with weird characters.
  • Violating Terms of service.
  • Banned/ offensive product.
  • Product image & title doesn’t match.
  • Unclear product image.
  • Doesn’t look like a product.
  • Multiple products in one image.

To Avoid falling under any of the above parameters, Please consider to follow the below guidelines.

For Images:-

  • Take a sharp picture of your product.
  • Focus should be right and take a bright image.
  • Avoid multiple products in one image.
  • Avoid uploading random pictures.

Suggestion: - Try adding multiple product images of single product,

For Example: - for Handbag Include front, back, side view   images, this helps in increasing your product getting sold because buyer is aware what exactly he is buying.

For Title:-

Mention your product name clearly.

For Example: - Your product name ideally should include :-

  • Brand name
  • Product material
  • Colour
  • Size.

It helps the buyer search comparatively easier.

If you have reference SKU codes, consider attaching them in title for ease of access.

Avoid random characters in the title.


Avoid inputting irrelevant price it can’t be 0 or it can’t be too high.

Price is the most important factor when it comes to hitting your sales.

Try and give best price for your product


  • It helps in increasing your product visibility.
  • Expect an increase in chat traffic & hence it gives a boost to your responsive score.
  • & Helps in getting you more orders

Though MRP is optional, but it’s important you mention the same to indicate a discount.


Shopo is for

  • New
  • Almost Used
  • Used Products

So select the condition of product accordingly.


Description is what your buyer looks for, once he likes your product image.

Description should include

  • Product Detail (Colour, specifications etc).
  • About your brand.
  • About all the products you deal into so that he can check your complete store.

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