How to ship my COD orders?

Steps to ship COD orders:-

  • Click on orders Received.
  • You will see four options ( Placed, Confirmed, Shipped)
  • Go to placed order label
  • Click view order
  • Now Confirm your order

Once you have confirmed the order:-


  • Schedule a pick up with your desired courier partner or from our list of courier partners.
  • After Choosing your courier partner
  • Go to confirm order , Click Ship Now & Enter AWB number which will go to your buyer so that he can now track your order.


  • Once your order is delivered you will receive a notification by your courier partner.
  • Now Ask the  buyer to mark the Product  as received.



Note :- Its important to ask your buyer to mark the product as received once you get a notification from your courier partner.

Note :-

  • If you do not mark the product as confirmed with in 2 days after receiving your order, your order will be automatically cancelled.
  • Shopo does not handle cod payments directly , you have to follow up with your courier partner for payments .

COD Courier Partner list

Courier Name   Contact Name     Pick up location   Website

Vdeliver              9515295152        Hyderabad  

Pickrr                   8800267670        Delhi,Noida,




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