How to add multiple images to my product?

It is always a good idea to include multiple images of your product. Your own experience as a buyer will tell you that customers like to view a product from different angles to get a better idea about it.

Adding Multiple Product Images on shopo is very simple ! 

Simply follow these steps

  • Once you’ve added your first picture from the Add Product view.
  •  Press on Add Image again & Repeat for more options.
  • You can also upload Pictures from Social media platforms such as facebook/instagram .

Recommendation :- We recommend well-lit, quality pictures as a lovely product is often let down by poor representation

For Example :- If your product is a handbag Include Pictures which shows which show it vividly from the front, side and back, so the buyer can capture its material, its storage space, its appearance and features, such as tassels and zips, in one viewing.




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