Have an attractive shop with these tips!

Having a Good Looking Online Store Definitely Attracts the Buyer Because “What is being seen is being sold”

Click Menu Bar Placed on Extreme Right Corner------ then Manage Shop---- then Edit Shop –

Let’s Make your Shop Attractive

Profile Photo /Cover Photo

  • Click on + Add photo & Upload the Profile Photo. You Can Upload Your Brand Logo as Profile Photo & Collage of your Products with an offer/discount in Cover photo Section.

Input your shop Name

  • A nice & catchy Name which reflects the spirit or vibe of your business always helps such as it’s all about gifting sounds good for a shop featuring gift items.


  • Keep your username closely linked to your brandname. Building brand identity is important Especially When you are sharing Links for mobile products - “@MobileMania shared this link” Sounds Better , rather than “@avani1234 shared this link”?

About shop/adding summary

  • Adding Summary is an important part of your shop Profile, Input about the Products you deal into , the USP of your products & Yes Everything you write here helps the buyer in purchasing your product & hence closing a sale.

So don’t Miss this!

Choosing theme colour

  • Theme colour should harmonise with the colour of your logo & the vibe of your shop. For Example: - A hot pink theme goes well with a brand selling funky mobile phone accessories, but not with one marketing eco-friendly, earthy handicrafts.
  • Lastly Put Email Id & Number (Private use Only ).
  • And We are done !


Now lets Have a Look !!



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