Accept Online Payments Easily. Know How!

Shopo now allows buyers to directly pay sellers and buy. All you need to do is enable Freecharge with 2 simple steps.

  • Free Charge is a new, safe feature on Shopo, which supports online payments – via credit card, debit card, net banking.


  • Used By Sellers to accept Online Payments from the Buyers seamlessly.
  • You Can Withdraw cash from wallet into your bank account .
  • We Provide more visibility to freecharge enabled shops.
  • Accept payments easily from millions of freecharge wallet users
  • Shopo offers buyer guarantee program to buyers over products that are supporting Free Charge payments, which is Beneficial to seller.

Steps to Connect with Free charge


  • Go to Manage Shop.
  • Click on Payment Settings.
  • Click on  Connect Free charge.
  • Fill your business details.
  • Click Proceed & its connected.

Note :- You will also get a welcome mail from freecharge with all your credentials.

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