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Irrespective of which kind of seller you are, big or small, which kind of category you deal with, handicraft or electronics, creating posts is the proven way to engage buyers and sell more.

We hope that you already know how to create posts. If no, refer to this link.

You can pick different themes for your existing products depending on the type, occasion, demand. Looking for a suitable banner? Visit this link. Below are few themes you can look at :

  • Most Loved - 

You keep receiving likes on your products, which indicates that they are resonating with buyer's interests. Why not pick all those products and create a post named " Most Loved products of our shop" ? This helps in not just promoting those products but also your brand. Offer a discount, if you can and display it in the post.

Share the post across social media and see the positive vibe it creates.


  • Most Viewed -

Similar to likes, the view count on products will be increasing too. Pick all of those products and create a post like "Sling bags that are most sought after" and share it across your social media.

With this, not just the view count on those products but the orders for those products will spike up.


  • Best Discounted -

You keep making price edits to your products. Don't you want to promote those discounts you made across the buyer base? Start by creating a post named " Best Discounts for today" and pick all those products you edited the price for or can offer discount on.


Imagine the noise it creates once buyers who are looking for discounts discover such post. Share it across social media to help it happen.

  • Fresh Arrivals -

Good practice of any  passionate seller is that they add new products regularly. After all the business has to grow, so consider adding products everyday. Don't stop there. Create a post named " Fresh Arrivals in the shelf" and pick all those new products you added for it.


There is a different type of buyer set who is desperately looking for new designs, models, materials. Such posts easily drag their attention and hence can grow your sales.

  • Same Day/ Next Day Shipping

If you are committing to ship orders the same day or in next 2 days after receiving it, why not let your everyone know about it. Many buyers look for products available at faster delivery timelines. Target to convert them by creating a simple post that you offer "Same Day Shipping" or "Next Day Shipping".

  • Pay Online To Get Discount

You are accepting online payments through Freecharge, one of the safest ways where you can be sure that your buyer already paid and your payment is secure . Why not encourage all your buyers to pay through Freecharge by offering minimal discounts? Create a coupon for it and promote it by creating a post.

  • Celebrate A Milestone

Engaging buyers is crucial and one easy way to do it is by celebrating the milestones you reach which encourages existing buyers and can also attract new buyers.

    • Reached 500 followers? Create a simple post "Thanking All Followers, Your satisfaction is our priority"
    • Reached 100 live products in your shop? Create a post about "100 amazing products for your shelf"
    • Closed atleast 10 orders? Create a post and "Thank All The Buyers For The Support"
  • Free Shipping

If you are okay to ship orders without charging anything from the buyer, by offering FreeShipping, then it is a very big offer from your shop. Don't let it go unnoticed. Create a post about it that says "Pay Online And Get Shipping For Free" or "Free Shipping In This Festive Season" etc. 

Many buyers are put off, if they see extra shipping charges and would like to go and buy offline. Capture such buyers with this offer by creating post about it regularly.

  • Festive Offers

Buyers look for festive offers which can give them products at lower prices, adding to their celebrations. Be a part of it, create Festive Coupons, put it up in a post and share it on social media. Notice the difference in sales you see. Ex- "Rakhi Offer - Get 25% Off On Every Purchase. Use RAKHI25 Coupon"

Do not leave any stone un-turned when it comes to creating posts. Think of all the occasions you can promote your products for and do it by creating relevant posts.

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