How can I get reviews for my products?

Once your order is delivered, buyer now has an option to review your product. All that positive feedback you get from buyers on chat can now be proudly exposed to the world.

Steps : 

  • Ship the product and wait for its successful delivery
  • Prompt the buyer to confirm delivery by clicking on "I Got The Product"
  • He will then get a popup to Rate and Review his experience



This will help in :-

  • Understanding where you are going wrong & you can make changes in your next order accordingly
  • With more positive buyer reviews exposed to world ,it can prompt other buyers to buy from you
  • Needless to say that Shopo complements the product visibility of those sellers who get better reviews

Its Important :-

  • To ask the buyer to review your product & present the positive vibe of your shop to everyone

PS - All the orders you closed so far also are open to be reviewed too. Reach out to all those buyers to leave a positive feedback by clicking on the closed order.

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