How can I add coupons on my products?

Steps to add coupons :-

Visit your shop section to Manage Coupons

It will direct you to a new page

Then Click on + icon floating on bottom right of your app

Once you click their it will redirect you to a page where you can add details on your coupon 

  • You can create a coupon code of your choice (MONSOON10? WEEKEND15? LUCKY20? Anything and everything works)
  • You can create a coupon for any percentage
  • You can open that coupon for all your products at once or selective products
  • You can define how many times any given coupon can be used

  • Mention all the relevant details on your coupon 
  • Once you have added all the details , click on add

Once you click their , POP UP will come " Coupon Created"

  • Once you click okay
  • You will be able to see details of your coupon


  • Also, You can end the coupon whenever you wish to

You can also share your coupons by clicking on share


Sharing your coupon is important because :-

  • It will help you in closing the deal with the specific buyer by sharing with your buyer in chat
  • You can also share the coupon with your prospecting buyers by creating a post which will go into your feed
  • By sharing on social media platforms it will help you in attracting more buyers 

Start using coupons to its 100% everyday and convert any chat into a sale and any prospective buyer into a happy buyer of your product.

PS – This feature is currently available for sellers on Android only.

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