Is it easy to create multiple posts everyday?

On Shopo, the first thing we recommend to our sellers after they have good products and setup their shop is to Create Posts, regularly.

  • Sellers doing atleast 3 posts a day, with variety of their products got 200% increment in orders
  • Same sellers sharing their posts on social media enjoyed 400% growth in follower base.

If you want to be one of them, but still thinking whether you can really do 3 posts a day, read further.

Post majorly contains 3 elements:

Product(s) -

  • You just want to add 1 product in the post? Go ahead.
  • You have a theme to put all 3 products? - Awesome go ahead. Here are few suggestions to pick a theme.
  • You don't have a theme but want to create a post? Most welcome. Go ahead and add those products you want to promote

Banner, for impulsive attraction

  • Is banner a mandatory element? - Absolutely No. Post can look attractive without banners but with right products in it.

  . post's link -

You want to add a banner, but don't know what to add?

  • You can simply select the best product image from your phone's gallery and add it in the banner section.(Yes, the banner section now supports square image as well)
  • If you still feel the need of a banner, you can quickly create them with easy tools mentioned here.
  • No need to put your hands on Photoshop or other heavy softwares at all.

Hundreds of sellers are conveniently posting using just their product images and winning daily sales. 

    post's link -

Text, a better way to explain your post:

  • You are promoting single/multiple products? Good, just mention the use of the product in the text.
  • You picked a festive theme? Give a two liner connecting the festival and your products
  • You haven't picked any theme? Give a "Interesting Products You Would Fall In Love With" kind of line and that works just fine.
  • You are communicating about an offer? Mention details about it, like "offer valid upto", "offer only valid for online payments" ,give the "COUPON code applicable" etc. post's link -

Hope this helped you notice that there is nothing complex about creating posts and can be done in as fast as 30 seconds. So why wait? Spare those 30 seconds to engage buyers better, increase orders, grow your brand by creating more posts (yet quality posts) everyday.


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