How Can My Shop Become A Suggested Shop?

From the recent update, Shopo Feed became the section where majority of sellers and buyers are interacting, where more orders are bagged by sellers. Once any buyer opens his own Shopo Feed below are the things he can see:

  • Updates like New products, New posts from shops he is already following
  • Suggestions of New Shops that he can follow (based on the interests he already chose)

How will that help Suggested Shop?

  • Shops in Suggested Shop section are winning over other sellers by getting high visibility which increases its followers and orders
  • With followers increasing, your brand, your reach starts growing
  • Once you become a Suggested Shop, its your responsibility to take care of your followers by doing things mentioned here.

How can your shop get selected for Suggested Shop section?

Every seller gets a fair chance to be a part of Suggested Shop section. We encourage sellers who put effort in taking care of their shop by:

  • Adding Posts Everyday
  • Sharing Their Shop and Products Everyday

Gear up and start doing above actions every day, every week. We pick top 30 shops every Monday basing on their performance in the previous week and remove those who aren't performing. So, you now have every chance to win the slot in Suggested Shops section and grow your sales. Make use of it as much as you can!

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