Importance of #Hashtags in a post

While you are enjoying creating posts and presenting your products better to your followers, we brought in new addition to make your effort more useful. #Hashtags, the recent add-on, is the new favorite among sellers on Shopo.

What are these #hashtags?

Whenever you post something, you post it with certain purpose. The basic one being to prompt buyers to checkout your shop and it can go to the extent of Freeshipping, DiwaliDiscounts, ClearanceSale and many more. Now, how about tagging your post based on its purpose, based on your intention, based on the action you expect from buyer? That is what #hashtagging is for.

How do you use #hashtags?

  • Just write the text you want to, in a post and add all #hashtag which you feel are relevant.
  • You can add multiple #hashtags
  • Think of a #hashtag just the way your buyer want to search it for
  • Examples are - #Freeshipping, #CheckoutMyShop, #HandicraftSale, #WeekendDiscount, #Freegift, #TrendyWatches, #COD, #SamedayDelivery,  etc


How will it be useful?

  • Once you add a #hashtag to your post, it becomes a part of long list of posts which are already using it.
  • This means that any buyer, who isn't even following you, can check posts under that #hashtag and discover your post
  • He may then like your post, visit your shop, buy your products and even follow you
  • If you choose to add a trending #hashtag, which is nothing but a most used #hashtag, the chance of your visibility increases 


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