Add Variants using Desktop Seller Panel

Now let your customers know about all the available sizes you have & add variants on all products in one go through your Desktop Seller Panel 

To understand simply follow all the steps :-

1. Go to

2. Login with your registered mobile number followed by your  OTP

3. Go to Bulk Edit option

4. Once you click their , download excel file 

5. Once you open the same , you will be able to see the list of all your products

6. So lets say you want to Add variants for first product , So you need to first add blank columns with insert option.

Note :- Add the number of columns according to the sizes available with you 

7. Once you do so , 

A :- Copy ID of the  product for which you want to add variant 

B :-Copy Category Name 

C :- Copy Subcategory Name

D :- Choose Variant Type from Drop down option

E :- Variant Value from the drop down which is you are required to choose for all the available sizes you have 

F :- Action :- You are required to choose Add in this column

8 . In a similar manner you can add Variants for all the products 

9. Once its added , save & upload your excel file through upload option

10. Changes will be saved & your variants will be added.




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