What all can I do on desktop seller panel?

MyShop is a desktop based panel for sellers to manage their shop more easily. More convenience is brought into the panel which helps you do majority of things related to your shop. Read on to know all the new updates!

Visit myshop.shopo.in from your desktop browser, input your Shopo registered mobile number and enter the OTP you get to start using it.

Below are your regular activities that can be done using our desktop panel:

  • Managing Orders -

        Shopo emphasizes on taking prompt actions on the orders you have. With this facility, you can now take actions like Confirm/Cancel, Ship right from your desktop.Visit "Orders" section on your MyShop.

  • Rating your buyer -

     Once the product is marked as delivered by the buyer, you can rate the buyer from MyShop just like      you do on the app.


  • Adding/Editing Products One at a Time - 
    • Like on app, you can add one product at a time more conveniently.
    • Multiple product images can be added too
    • Similarly, you can edit each product right on the panel and modify:
      • Image
      • Title
      • Price
      • Category
      • Description
    • All the rejected products can be edited and re-uploaded from "Under Moderation" section

  • Adding Products in Bulk-

        You can conveniently add each product and give its details and get them added to your shop using "Bulk Add" section

  • Editing Products in Bulk-

        If you have so many changes to make to your existing products, you can easily download them into         an excel from "Bulk Edit" section and edit their :

    • Name
    • Description
    • Price
    • Product Status viz. Sold Out, Delete, Update

        Once you are done editing the details in the excel, you can upload them back to notice all the                   changes going live.

  • Sharing your products - 

        As sharing is the key to increase you sales, we don't want you to lose any possible way to do it.               Hence, from now on you can share any of your product onto Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.Visit,           "Channels" section to start doing it

Needless to say that these features bring in convenience and power to Shopo sellers. Start using your bigger screens to do all needed actions on Shopo and become that successful seller with in no time.

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